• Trauma
  • Self Esteem, Self Hatred, & Self Sabotage
  • Individual / Couple / Teen Therapy
  • Life Transitions & Turning Points
  • Identity Crisis
  • Family of Origin Issues
Personal Growth

Some of us have never considered entering into therapy because we do not have psychiatric disorders.  I feel strongly that each one of us can benefit from examining our lives and our patterns. 

We all have ways that we act or think that keep us from being content or as successful as we'd like. In session, I will help identify these unhelpful thoughts and behaviors and assist you in building a plan for personal growth.

Couples Counseling

Couples counseling can reconnect you with your partner and work through difficult periods in your relationship.  I will create a safe place for you to identify your concerns.  We will then sort through which problems are for you to work on as individuals, and which are problems best worked through together.

Some areas we may work together on include...
Communication issues
Sex and physical intimacy
Decisions around commitment/marriage

Women's Issues

Although our world is progressing, there are many ways in which women still receive negative teachings and social pressure, often leading us to engage in thoughts and behaviors that don't work for us.  Exposing ourselves to alternative perspectives can be an amazing experience. 

Some areas we may work together on include...
Confidence and coping
Balancing life's goals of career and family
Codependency in relationships
Assertiveness skills
Body Image


It is my experience that therapy can be of great help to teens.  Everything is more difficult for a teenager than an adult because each life's experience is completely new.  They haven't yet developed coping mechanisms to handle life's difficult choices and emotions.  All adolescents want to be successful.  It is a matter of helping them find their own voice and fostering their confidence in problem solving.  In my work with adolescents, I find that regular communication with parents is essential and as a parent, you may be asked to join us occasionally in session.

Substance Abuse/Addictions

When dealing with a substance abuse or addiction issues, I will assist you in developing a personalized plan to address this.  It can be painful to realize that our use has become unmanageable.  I will create a safe space to voice these emotions and I will help you learn coping skills to be able to successfully encounter life in sobriety.

In session we will spend time discussing your concerns, identifying what you would like to begin work on, and devising strategies for you to begin implementing outside of session.  Along the way, I will provide education and insights so that you may learn about your particular issues more fully and gain clearer perspective on your behaviors.   

  • Relationship Disappointment

  • Loss of hope and ongoing unhappiness

  • Adult Children from Dysfunctional Families
  • Stress Management Techniques
  • Anxiety

  • Grief and Loss
How I Can Help